£UV presents a special collaboration with the internationally renowned collector of vernacular photography, Thierry Struvay: a limited capsule collection featuring select images from Struvay's extensive collection, produced exclusively for Ron Herman Japan.

Thierry Struvay lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and recently for several years in New York City.  A voracious collector of still images, he is adept at finding those that surpass documentation; whether complex, or simple, these photographs show something that can perhaps only been expressed visually.  Struvay's collection en masse is a testament to the constancy of human existence, wherein innumerable moments occur continually-anonymously, often without comment or title-with some captured by the lens along the way.
Struvay's collection has been exhibited internationally, most recently at the Brussels galleries, Sorry We're Closed and Box Galerie.  It has been the subject of several publications, including Love & Hate & Other Mysteries, with an introduction by Glenn O'Brien, published in 2016 (August Editions).